Introduction to the Audiovisual Area


    Welcome to the world of non-printed documents. Here you can find a bountiful collection of documents other than books. The collections in this library include varieties of non-book data (original or copy-righted): audiovisual documents and multimedia data, etc. The multimedia data include video tapes, audio cassettes, CD, DVD, and VCD, etc.

    This area is located at the 5th floor of the Library, including Movie Watching Room, Double/Triple/Quadruple-Seated Audiovisual Area, Small Group Audiovisual Room (capacity 8-20 persons), Service Counter, Data Storage Room and Office, etc.


Objectives of the Audiovisual Area

  1. To collect and organize the educational audiovisual data.
  2. To provide the audiovisual documents and equipment for the needs of faculty research and student study.
  3. To provide a cozy and comfortable space for self-learning with multimedia data.
  4. To inspire the users in a relaxing aura.


Non-book Collection in This Area

CD, VCD, DVD, audio cassette, video tape