Articles of CTU Library Advisory Committee

    The main function of the Library Advisory Committee is to promote the development, communication and improvement of the library.


Promotion Points of the CTU Library

    To enhance the capability of students in technical report writing and information searching and to encourage students make the best use of the library resources:

  1. Specialized instruction programs for freshmen.
  2. Promoted lending by class adviser (for sophomores and juniors).
  3. Incorporating Senior Project Reports with the library resources (for the seniors).
  4. Individual instruction program (for faculty and students).

    According to the Faculty Annual Evaluation, Item 3.9.01, each devoted faculty member can be accredited up to 30 points.


Lending Policies and Regulations of CTU Library

  1. The material of the library is for the study and research of all faculty, staff, students, and alumni of CTU. 
  2. All faculty, staff, students and alumni of CTU are entitled to borrow the materials of the library with valid ID Cards or Library Cards during the library hours. 
  3. The library is open from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, Monday through Friday; 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.
  4. The borrowing regulations for all categories of members of CTU are as follows: 
    ◎ Faculty and staff: 
    Books: max. 40 volumes, 60 days, renewable twice with 60 days for each renewal, could be recalled if needed by other users. 
    Non-books (DVD, VCD, MD, and CD): max. 4 volumes, 10 days, non-renewable.
    Journal: max. 3 volumes, 7 days, non-renewable. 
    Overdue: The rights to borrow books will be suspended for the number of expiration days for each overdue item. 

    ◎ Students: 
    Books: max. 20 volumes, 21 days, renewable twice with 21 days for each renewal, could be recalled if needed by other users. 
    Non-books (DVD, VCD, MD, and CD): max. 2 volumes, 7 days, non-renewable. 
    Journal: max. 3 volumes, 7 days, non-renewable.
    Overdue: The rights to borrow books will be suspended the number of expiration days for each overdue item.

  5. Concerning the loss of library items:
    ◎ Should a borrower steal or damage any item from the library, s/he will be punished with a major demerit, deprived of the rights to borrow books the whole semester and be fined five times of the price of the item.

    ◎ Should a borrower lose or damage any book from the library, s/he has to purchase a new book for the library. If another copy of the lost item can not be bought, the borrower will be fined three times of the original price in addition to a processing fee of 50 NT dollars.

    ◎ For each free item (exchanged, given, etc.), when it is lost, if no price is indicated, every Chinese book (paperback or hardcover) will be fined 300 NT dollars, and every foreign-language book will be fined 1000 NT dollars.

    ◎ If the borrowed book belongs to a series or a set of books, the price of which being over 20,000 NT dollars, the fee for the loss of any such borrowed book is different. When lost, the borrower is required to pay the whole price of the set or series of books.

  6. Overdue Books and Fines:
        Should a borrower not return the materials on or before the due date, s/he will be fined and be blocked from borrowing or renewing materials.  All eligible borrowers receive a 14 day grace period for any book that has not been recalled. From the 15th day, the fine is 5 N.T. per day for each item (volume, piece) and the maximum is 2000 N.T. for each item (volume, piece). The fine can be waived with the “Library Volunteer Service” which would be accepted as an option to pay the fine. Each hour of “Library Volunteer Service” could be considered as a payment of minimum wage.

  7. Before any member of faculty and staff resigns, leaves for further study or gets dismissed, and any student graduates, drops out or suspends schooling, s/he should return all the borrowed items to CTU library and paid all the fines.